Other Ways to Submit

Submitting online through the manuscript submission system (See “Submit Online”) is the preferred method. However, we will also accept articles submitted via e-mail or post.

Before submitting, please consult our Instructions for Authors.

Submitting via E-mail

Articles submitted via e-mail should be sent to Mackenzie Parker, Managing Editor [canmin@alumni.ubc.ca].

When submitted by e-mail, we find it easiest to work with a PDF document containing text, tables, and figures. Please keep tables and figures to the end of the document, rather than distributing them through the text. If present, supplementary data, structure factors, and CIFs files should be in separate documents.

Submitting via Post

Please Note: Submissions via post (i.e., in hard copy) are extremely likely to be delayed, due to the vagaries of the postal system and the difficulty of creating electronic documents for use in editing and printing from these materials. Please submit electronically whenever possible.

However, understanding that some authors may not be able to submit electronically, we will accept submissions in hard copy at the following address:

Mackenzie Parker
c/o Lee Groat
Dept. of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
University of British Columbia
6339 Stores Road
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4

Include ALL materials. If possible, also include a CD or USB drive with electronic versions.