The Canadian Mineralogist is an international journal published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

Since 1962, The Canadian Mineralogist has published papers dealing with all aspects of mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, economic geology, geochemistry, and applied mineralogy.

The Canadian Mineralogist features:

  • Recognition as one of the main-line journals for the mineral sciences
  • Top-notch refereeing
  • An Editorial board of sixteen internationally recognized specialists
  • More than 1600 pages a year on the mineral sciences

Readers and contributors also benefit from:

International authorship, readership, and editorship

In 2004, a total of 320 authors, including 98 first authors, published 122 papers in The Canadian Mineralogist. These authors came from 31 different countries (20% from Canada, 13% USA, 46% Europe, 9% Asia, 4% Australia, 4% South America, 3% Africa).

The Canadian Mineralogist reaches subscribers and members in over 50 countries.

Our editorial board is composed of sixteen internationally recognized specialists chosen by an experienced editor.

A society-run journal

The journal is published bimonthly by the Mineralogical Association of Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the mineral sciences.

We are committed to keeping the price of our journal affordable.

Affordable pricing

Our institutional subscription price is only:

  • $525 a year (site-license electronic)
  • $650 a year (print version & site license)

Individuals can subscribe at reduced rates by becoming members of the Mineralogical Association of Canada. See our membership order form for more details or apply online

Accessible online

We have been publishing on the web since 2000. For a free online sample issue, click here.

At least one thematic issue each year

The Canadian Mineralogist regularly features timely thematic issues. On average, one of these is published each year. It is one of the six issues that subscribers receive.

Plenty of colour

We publish in colour at no cost to authors.


The Canadian Mineralogist is indexed in Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, Mineralogical Abstracts, American Geological Institute GeoRef, Institute for Scientific Information, and others.