Style Guides & Templates

Although not mandatory for acceptance, an article or revision submitted in The Canadian Mineralogist formatting style demonstrates that you are familiar with the journal and reduces production time after acceptance.

Below we provide some basic templates and style notes. We encourage you to download them and refer to them when formatting your manuscript. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Basic Manuscript Template

This template provides the formatting of the title page, abstract, main text, references, and figure captions, as well as indicating where Table should be provided. Please note that Figures should be provided as separate, high resolution image files, and not as part of the text file.
[Download as a Word file] [Download as a PDF]

Table Formatting Instructions and Examples

Reformatting tables for the typesetter can add several days to your production time, if your tables are abundant. Providing them already in Canadian Mineralogist style can cut that time.
[Download as a Word file] [Download as a PDF]

List of Symbols for Rock- and Ore-Forming Minerals (Updated March 9, 2018)

This list provides the approved symbols for minerals. Please use these symbols in all of figures, text, and tables.
[Download as a PDF]

Non-Comprehensive List of Word and Symbol Styling

This list provides a few of the style preferences we use regarding details like modifiers for mineral names, hyphens and en-dashes, abbreviations, lists, symbols, and more.
[Download as a Word file] [Download as a PDF]